By DiAngelea Millar
The Times-Picayune
Posted July 11, 2012

The New Orleans Business Alliance is focusing on changing the image New Orleans presents to businesses that are thinking of relocating or expanding to the city. “A lot of our growth has been birthed out of buzz,” Rodrick Miller, president and CEO of the alliance, said at a luncheon Wednesday hosted by the Association for Corporate Growth. “New Orleans is cool and hip, but there’s more to it than that.”

He said many people often associate New Orleans with Bourbon Street, jazz music and the port, but they don’t think about the new things coming to the city like the film industry and technology companies. He said it’s important to show businesses how successful they can be in the city and the emerging markets that have found support in the area. The alliance is working on lowering barriers and making the city a great place to do business.

“As we started to peel back the layers of the onion we realized that businesses that knew how to work the system got through the system,” Miller added. “Businesses that didn’t have as many connections or were not familiar with the process struggled to get through.”

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